Inverted Nipples

inverted nipples

Overview (Inverted Nipples)

Inverted nipple correction, a minor surgical procedure, is utilised to make turned-in or inverted nipples into a normal protruding shape. This condition affects a large number of women and can lead to functional and emotional problems, especially when it causes breastfeeding difficulties. The procedure is predominately undertaken by women, but men can also undergo inverted nipple correction.

Causes of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be a cause for distress for some women. In some cases, a woman’s nipples may be permanently inverted, whilst in others, it depends on temperature and other factors. If a woman’s nipple becomes inverted having previously been normal, it is important that investigations are carried out accordingly And to ensure that there is not an underlying serious cause. In most cases, it is the result or due to shortening of the tubes (ducts) that lead from the breast tissue to the nipple.

The operation

A special suction cup (Nipplette(R)) is worn for weeks or months to stretch the ducts in those with nipples that can be protruded with assistance. Inverted nipples is corrected surgically if this does not work or in more severe cases. A number of techniques exist and Mr Nduka uses a virtually scarless method. Potential risks include loss of sensitivity and an inability to breastfeed.


As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, expectations must be realistic. The majority of patients achieve greater self-confidence with their results. It is likely that you will experience fatigue for a few days after your procedure. The nipple itself is likely to be sore and there is usually some swelling and bruising, which is perfectly natural. Take prescribed medication to alleviate any pain.  As a matter of fact, Mr Nduka will discuss this during your consultation.

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