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Many men are concerned with the appearance of their chest. Male breast development may be as a result of hormone imbalance, some drugs, or rarely due to certain tumours. You should be investigated by your GP or an endocrinologist before seeking surgery.

Liposuction (or liposculpture) re-contours the chest by removing localised deposits of fat and breast tissue. It is only effective if there is not too much skin laxity. As the fat cells are not replaced by your body, there is a long-lasting change in your body shape, especially if you exercise, eat a healthy diet, and maintain a healthy weight after the operation.

Liposculpture can usually be treated as a day-case although an overnight stay may be required, depending on the extent of the surgery. It is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic but in some cases, local anaesthetic may be appropriate.

In the most common technique, a wet liposuction, Mr Nduka injects a mix of a salty solution, local anaesthetic and adrenaline into the area being treated. This helps reduce bleeding, bruising and swelling and makes it easier to remove the fat cells. A tiny incision is made in your skin and a thin metal tube (a cannula) is inserted. The cannula is attached to a vacuum pump or a syringe which sucks out the fat and the fluid. Once Mr Nduka has removed the required amount of fat, the cannula will be taken out and your cut(s) will be closed with stitches.


A new technique called Liposoft allows fat removal to be performed under local anaesthetic. Unlike traditional liposuction, smaller volumes of anaesthetic solution are needed which means it is easier to fine-tune the results. A finely tuned jet of water is directed to affect only the fat cells leaving other tissue relatively undisturbed. During the procedure, Mr Nduka makes two or more tiny incisions in the target area and inserts a fine cannula which both directs the water jet and removes the emulsified fat cells. Being accurately directed only on to the fat cells there is much less damage to surrounding tissue which means far shorter recovery times.

Take painkillers to help relieve any discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off. If you have day-case surgery, you should be able to go home after recovering from the anaesthetic. If you have a general anaesthetic, you will need to arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home and stay with you for the next 24 hours.

You will need to wear an elasticated garment for a few weeks. This is to control any swelling and improve the final result. You can remove the elastic garment when bathing. Mr Nduka will take you through all the risks and benefits associated with this type of procedure. It is important to talk through your expectations with Mr Nduka before the procedure.

Further information on the BodyJet Liposoft system is available here.

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