For Charles Nduka, the purpose of the consultation is threefold. Firstly it is to review the your goals. Secondly, it is to assess you holistically to determine your suitability for surgery. At the initial consultation Mr Nduka will review your medical history and conduct a physical examination. The consultation will take thirty minutes to one hour. It can be helpful for you to bring a list of questions. For facial surgery, it is helpful to bring a photo of yourself taken within the previous 10 years (such as a passport photograph)

Usually there are a number of surgical options to achieve a particular result. Mr Charles Nduka will  discuss together this with their relative merits. At this point Mr Nduka will explain his preferred option and discuss why he feels it is most appropriate. He will explain what the operation involves; cover the pros and cons and the risks involved; discuss anaesthesia; the hospital where the operation will be carried out; and recovery – how long it will take and how you are likely to feel at each stage.

Mr Nduka will write to you (and with your permission to your GP) to summarise the consultation and provide additional written information about the procedure.  Surgery does not usually proceed without a second consultation. Mr Nduka will see you free of charge for this and subsequent pre-operative consultations. It can be beneficial for you to bring along a trusted friend whose support you feel will help you during the consultation.

If you are seeing Mr Nduka for a second opinion after surgery performed elsewhere, please bring as much information as possible. These includes dates of any interventions and ideally pre-treatment photographs.

You can request a separate private waiting area if you are concerned about being recognised by other patients. Please advise Mr Nduka’s office when requesting an appointment.