Dermal Fillers are a common treatment for wrinkles and for enhancing the shape of lips and cheeks. Charles Nduka only uses temporary fillers made of substances found naturally in our skins- principally Hyaluronic Acid. This substance holds water within the skin and is synthesised in a laboratory to ensure reliable results. Different types are available,supplied in pre-filled syringes, (e.g. Juvaderm, Juvaderm Ultra, Volbella, Volift, Restylane).

In addition to being a method to reduce wrinkles, Charles Nduka uses hyaluronic acid fillers to smooth and soften out wrinkles, crows feet, laughter lines, some types of sunken scars, cheeks and lips.

Mr Nduka favours using temporary fillers as he feels that permanent fillers can leave the face looking unnatural in the future – lips of a 30 year-old will not be appropriate at 60. A more natural alternative is fat transfer for deeper folds and wrinkles.

Mr Nduka teaches other surgeons how to perform cosmetic injections at his popular course, Expert Cosmetic Training and occasionally invites patients to be models on the course.

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