Brow Lift


Brow Lift – a brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure usually performed with an endoscope it is performed under general or local anaesthetic.
Both men and women have a brow lift to reduce the deep furrows that appear on the forehead that can make you look angry, tired or sad. It can give you a more youthful and alert appearance. There are many ways a brow lift (or forehead lift) can be performed and your cosmetic surgeon will go through the options with you and assess which procedure is the most appropriate for you.

In a coronal brow lift, a cut is made across the top of your scalp and hidden by your hairline. The surgeon removes excess skin, shortens the muscles that cause frown lines and lifts your eyebrows.

In a different technique, the surgeon may use an endoscope for keyhole surgery. Tiny cuts are made in your hairline and the endoscope inserted to reduce the muscles that cause frown lines. This type of brow lift has the advantage of minimal scarring but fewer changes can be made.

Each method requires a local or general anaesthetic and you will usually be able to return home later the same day. You may also need to plan some time off work to rest and recover. A bandage across your forehead will be removed in the first few days but you should plan to rest for the first week after surgery. You should be able to return to work after a week to 10 days although if you have the endoscopic procedure, this might be sooner. After 10 days you should begin to look and feel better.

The consultant will take you through all the risks and benefits associated with this type of procedure and it is important to talk through your expectations with Mr Nduka before the procedure.

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